Nuove prospettive: destination management organization

Session Proposals. It is with a deep sadness that I announce that we are cancelling our Annual Conference in Sorrento at the beginning of June Read more. The information below on conference activities has been retained for record keeping purposes.

Il panel intende discutere gli approcci innovativi in seno alla didattica della letteratura, proponendo casi di studio specifici o esperienze in classe. Closing Date for Receiving Proposals for this Session: 28 febbraio Email: marco. According to multiple online travel sites, he island of Ischia is rapidly becoming a leading holiday destination. Email: shickson uoguelph. In this interdisciplinary session we welcome papers on topics related to Italian food studies in a broad sense. Submissions could include, but are not limited to, the following: Italian food and cultural studies, culinary linguistics, food and literature, cinema, travel; recipes and cookbooks in historical contexts and in modern day; comparative studies in world gastronomy; Italian food and social media; regional gastronomy in Italy; food and politics; food and religion; food and gender; Italian food in the diaspora.

Email: roberta yorku. Not relegated to the boundaries of the written page anymore, studies on Ferrante has then started to branch out into other fields, such as curatorial studies, cultural and television studies, cinema studies and performative studies. Email: giuliog sas. Minima italica philologica: critical and commented editions in today's Italian academia.

According to Alberto Varvaro, philology is a method because each text can be philologically analyzed. However, scholars who want to treat philology as a concrete subject of study need to produce critical and commented editions without having clear rules on how they should be built. The classical methods Lachmann and Bedier work more in theory than in practice, because each edition must be constructed according to the needs of the text and its tradition.

It often happens that young philologists e.

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This panel invites reflection on what is a critical and commented edition inon what the minimum requirements are for it to be considered as such, through the analysis of practical examples in which the theory has been adapted to the concreteness of tradition.

To limit the scope of the investigation chronologically, the examples required will be only related to the Italian literary tradition. Email: antonello. Torquato Tasso e la bellezza tra Minturno e Ruscelli. Gli studiosi interessati possono inviare un breve abstract di parole e un breve CV al seguente indirizzo tallinigennaro gmail.

Piccola Impresa / Small Business

Email: tallinigennaro gmail. Prospettive, valutazione e auto-analisi della professione e della didattica. Il madrigale cinquecentesco tra musica e poesia. Il panel intende indagare, in forme diverse e interdisciplinari, la vocazione poetica e musicale del madrigale cinquecentesco basandosi non solo sulle ricerche in campo storico-musicologico fin qui svolte Fabbri, Haar, Richardsonma anche in campo filologico e letterario cercando di indagare forme, modelli, strutture e scritture che possano evidenziare scopi e i motivi di fondo che hanno spinto i compositori cinquecenteschi e i poeti loro contemporanei a modificarne l'impianto di base trecentesco trasformando il madrigale in una esclusiva forma musicale.

The panel aims to investigate the theme of 'neurosis' and psychoanalysis in Italian literature between the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries from Svevo to Gadda, from Ottiero Ottieri to Giuseppe Berto, etc. The inquiry that is required is aimed precisely at deepening the concept of neurosis, and from a content and stylistic point of view, as well as its relationship between life and literature and questions the deep roots of the 'evil of living' political, historicalsocial in an Italy that is the protagonist of the two wars, the years of the economic boom and the political crisis, up to the contemporary years.

Anyone interested in participating can send an abstract of words and a bio-bibliographical note to the organizer's e-mail address, no later than February 28th Email: aledimeglio88 hotmail.Gestisce tutti gli aspetti di un evento : dal servizio di logistica per la strategia di comunicazione, dalla pianificazione del progetto per la realizzazione di soluzioni innovative, dai programmi di team building alla produzione video e materiale multimediale.

A professional and creative DMC which enables the organization of Italian Luxury Business Travel at its best, in the whole Italian territory, thanks to the strong partnership with the main Italian suppliers.

The main keywords : clients satisfaction, optimization of budget, effective and integrated strategies. The Web Portal : an editorial team is dedicated day by day to refresh and update the web portal with the news and trends of the Italian Excellences and programs; a strong partnership with the suppliers offer the best quality at the better costs. A cadenza annuale, BTC ha […]. Rossella Monteleone. You may also like. Il 28 e 29 Maggio le Dimore Storiche Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito.

Se continui ad utilizzare questo sito noi assumiamo che tu ne sia felice.She conducted research and training projects with some of the most important Italian and international businesses. Her research activities focus on three main areas : retail management, of which she has deepened some aspects such as category management, assortment management, loyalty cards and loyalty networks.

Lastly, she works on place branding and destination management.

Piccola Impresa / Small Business

She is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject. She is member of the board of directors of Marketing Italian Society.

She is passionate about reading classics and sport. She runs marathons ranking herself in the first 15 women of her segment. If you continue navigating on the site, you expressly accept the uses of these cookies. Chiara Mauri. Curriculum Vitae. Books co-autore S. Castaldo a cura di Store Managent. Il punto vendita come luogo di esperienze e di relazioni, in corso di pubblicazione con Franco Angeli Tourism experience and place branding, in corso di preparazione con Gower, London.

Un percorso di eccellenza che continua, Milano: Franco Angeli Castaldo a cura di Store Management. Castaldo a cura di Innovazione, Experience, Partnership. Casi di innovazione nel retail, Milano: Franco Angeli Il sistema informativo per il marketing. CirrincioneShopping nei musei. Emozioni e acquisti nei museum shop, Milano: Franco Angeli co-autore con S.

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Il punto vendita come piattaforma relazionale, Milano: Franco Angeli a cura diInnovazione nel retailing dei prodotti per la casa, Franco Angeli, Milano co-autore con S. Timmermans e F. Castaldo, P. Bertozzi a cura diCategory management. Creare valore per il consumatore, McGraw-Hill pp.

Read our Cookie Policy.Rubrica: Luoghi insoliti. Parole chiave: destination governancedestination managementmarketing territorialeturismo. Introduction The widespread growth of the tourism sector is receiving a strong attention from academic, private businesses as well as from government policy makers as one of the most remarkable economic and social phenomena of the past century.

Travel is much easier today, thanks to the innovations generated by new technologies, which are affecting tourism market both from the demand and supply side. From the demand side, tourism is no more a privilege of few but is considered a basic need, where time constraint is equal to the budget constraint. Nowadays, people can have ski holiday in Dubai and even enjoy a space travel.

One of the major challenges for destinations is to stay market driven, agile and closely attuned to matching the needs of travelers, because in order to survive, companies must be able to anticipate and adapt to change or face rapid, brutal extinction Fine, Researches on topic highlight how single players of a destination are not self-sufficient, implying a high level of interdependencies among the plurality of actors.

Thus, in order to survive, destinations must be comprehensively governed, managed and coordinated through new form of collaborations. Re-inventing the structure in terms of collaboration, cooperation and leadership can add value to a destination in terms of growth arrivals, GDP, unemployment, level of intellectual development or technology diffusioninnovation and competitiveness, in order to be hardly reproducible in a short term from other competitors.

Governance in tourism perspective Destinations are very difficult entities to manage due to the dynamic of interests and benefits sought by stakeholders: although they have numerous linkages and interdependencies, they do not cooperate and they often have radically different development visions but none of them is able to control the destination Buhalis, ; Fesenmaier, ; Rodriguez, ; Sainaghi.

Literature in tourism management identified in the past years a shift towards the concept of governance, where responsibility for policy making extends to both public and private sectors in joint action Dredge, Currently, the theoretical foundations for destination governance present a rather indefinite picture. One of the first contribution that explicitly used the concept of governance, pointed to the differences between institutional and individual level of analysis and to the control variables that must be analyzed for an effective destination management Raich, It is also under the light of destination governance research that various theories increasingly gain importance and enrich the existing destination management literature with explanatory approaches.

In summary, governance research of tourist destinations looks at the norms and mechanism and consequently the conditions which help explain why events in tourist communities happen or not, in order to suggests concepts and models helpful for effective destination management and planning. The case study: Bosco Gurin Although the theoretical concepts in this nascent literature are appealing, little evidence exists as to the operational reality of governance Beritelli et al, and reports of successful implementation of best practices are rare.

The question of who governs and which actors influence more the evolution of the destination is always debatable. At some level, all collective stakeholders do but no one unique approach is applicable in all destination environments and it depends on institutions and goals. To bring more empirical evidence, an interesting case of implementation of the destination governance theory will be reported.

The Swiss tourism industry has recognized the need for a more collaborative approach. Although destination governance is still a new phenomenon in many Swiss locations Beritelli et al,some governmental authorities have begun to increase their efforts in collaborative destination governance with private tourist destination operators to have strong competitive effects in international and regional markets.Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions.

Special Issues. Contact Us. Personal Information. Milena Viassone. Web Page:. From toPh.

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Tardivo G. Il turismo montano come vantaggio competitivo territoriale.

nuove prospettive: destination management organization

Finanza aziendale internazionale. La gestione finanziaria dell'impresa multinazionale. Viassone M. Competere nell'era dei servizi: modelli, misure e strategie. Viassone La gestione del vantaggio competitivo territoriale in un contesto di apertura internazionale. Pantano E.

Passeri R. Managing cultural diversity in international business: the case of an Italian consulting company for Computer Science on the Polish market. The evaluation of drivers by young people. Enlightening Tourism. A Pathmaking Journal, 2 2pp.

Grimmer M. Vecchie e nuove prospettive di sviluppo del turismo in Italia. Rassegna Economica, vol. An exploratory study of the tourist-computer interaction: the role of web site usability on hotel quality perception.

The Study of Italian Areas. World Journal of Social Sciences, vol. Bradley F. Misurazione del livello di internazionalizzazione delle Regioni italiane.

nuove prospettive: destination management organization

Sinergie, vol. Tardivo, M. Journal of Financial Management And Analysis, vol.Aiello G. Aijo T. The theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of relationship marketing.

nuove prospettive: destination management organization

European Journal of Marketing, 30, 2. Anderson A. Journal of Marketing, 58, Arnaboldi M. Actor-network theory and stakeholder collaboration: The case of Cultural Districts. Tourism Management, Baker M. Critical success factors in destination marketing. Tourism and Hospitality Research, Vol. Bellini N. Il marketing territoriale. Milano: Franco Angeli. Boisot M. Territorial strategies in a competitive world: The emerging challenge to regional authorities. European Management Journal, Vol.

Bullis C. Business Communication and the natural environment: Using traditional and contemporary perspectives to understand the connections. Journal of Business Communication, Vol. Campbell N. The structure and the stability of industrial markets networks: developing a research methodology. First IMP conference on research developments in. Bonti M. Competenze organizzative nella media impresa: il caso Loccioni.

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UNWTO Webinar on Institutional Strengthening in Destination Management

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nuove prospettive: destination management organization

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Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Prospective students Students and alumni Faculty and staff. Professors and degree programmes Programme. Course objectives. The course aims at introducing students to the governance of tourism destinations, focusing on organization and competitiveness.

The course will deepen the issue of management and development of cultural destinations.

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Students will develop a group work in which the conceptual foundations and toolkits gained during the course will be used to analyze a case study. Tourism trends and the concept of "destination" 2.

The diversity of contexts and offering systems 3. Destination management and governance 4.

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