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We build technologies and provide engineering services that address the most complex piping challenges faced by engineers, site owners, contractors, and distributors.

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Engineered with confidence, our solutions put people to work faster, while increasing safety, ensuring reliability and maximizing efficiency. Victaulic remains open for business and focused on the health and safety of our employees while continuing our commitment to our global customers. We take great pride that Victaulic solutions supply critical life safety applications and remain committed to supporting your construction needs during these challenging times.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Victaulic sales representative. Find the right Victaulic products or platforms for your project and build your submittal document package in real time. We have what you are looking for - opportunity, growth and a collaborative work environment. Find a trusted Victaulic distributor for your piping solution needs. Locate a United States distributor near you.

Our individual products blend seamlessly into application-based systems, enabling you to construct piping systems at any scale. The most innovative change to fire protection fittings since we originated the grooved concept. Learn how to install Victaulic products or set up and operate Victaulic tools with easy to follow installation instructions videos.

At the heart of each Victaulic mechanical pipe joint is a strategically designed Victaulic elastomer gasket. We use cookies to provide the best experience to you on our website. To see more details, click Learn More. Skip to content. Victaulic, the leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions. Learn More. The award-winning and accredited Victaulic University Continuing Education program is now online.

Register and browse instructor-led live webinars and self-paced courses and earn immediate certificates for CEU's upon successful assessment completion.Hoses, Couplings, Ducting and Seals. Eaton designs and delivers the broadest range of aerospace conveyance and propulsion systems, components and capabilities. Premier components and sub-systems range from engine build-up EBU units to air and environmental control systems, and jet engine shaft and ducting seals.

Warranty Claim Form. Aerospace Hoses, Couplings, Ducting and Seals. Hose Assemblies Eaton offers a wide range of fluid delivery options to meet the needs of aircraft OEM and maintenance engineers. Hydraulic Conveyance Eaton's hoses, fittings, and support tooling offer a wide range of options to meet the needs of aircraft OEM and maintenance engineers.

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Quick Disconnect Couplings For more than 60 years, Eaton has been designing and manufacturing an array of Aeroquip brand self-sealing quick disconnect couplings, swivels, end fittings and check valves.

Seals Eaton offers the most diverse line of mechanical seals and sealing components, including pressure-balanced face seals, circumferential segmented seals, brush seals and welded metal bellows seals.

Tube Joining Systems Eaton is a well-respected name in fluid systems, sub-systems and components and is recognized throughout the world for a wide range of products and systems integration.

All Rights Reserved.Grinnell Ductile Pipe Coupling 4" Flexseal Internal Coupling mm IC We operate as a UK business and happily export worldwide. Beware of imitation, if it isn't a Flexseal it would be an inferior imitation. If you would like to purchase Flexseals for delivery outside of the UK please contact me through eBay for the extra postage costs or find them directly on our website www. Since the weights of the parts vary it is impossible to determine the extra cost in every case and we are trying to keep your purchase cost down.

The Product - Flexseal - connect pipes to pipes using only one part and without using messy solvent glue. Flexseal Plumbing products replace traditional plumbing hardware with an injection moulded EPDM unit and end clamps in Grade 1. They were designed by Flexseal to solve many of the issues of pipe to pipe connections for low pressure connections.

Sometimes called rubber boots, an all encapsulating term for both EPDM and PVC varieties, the Flexseal product is at the top of retail offerings and is produced in the U. The flexible Flexseal EPDM unit with a higher coefficient of friction, higher elasticity and ridged internal connection face allows it to create a better liquid tight seal with a pipe than any other material such as cheaper flexible PVC which is widely used as a plumbing coupling. The ends are clamped with Grade1.

The Flexseal EPDM coupling tightened to a low tightening torque of 6Nm provides a superior drip free connection and is less liable to slipping off from smooth pipes. This is important when the connecter is used internally or on the likes of hydroponic systems.

epdm coupling

EPDM is a synthetic rubber made from ethylene and propylene and has excellent ozone and weather resistant properties. The greatest assets to Flexseal products are that they have a quicker and easier installation process and can be removed and replaced at a later time. No more having to cut solvent welded fittings from pipes due to design changes or mistakes.

Pipes and Flexseals can be removed and with care re-used time and again. Want to change the design of your system, simply release the stainless steel Unversal clip and remove the Flexseal. Flexseals are also ideal for a hydroponic system as they are re-usable. Although initially more expensive than solvent welded connections the first time that you have to replace solvent welded connectors and pipes will help you understand the benefits of Flexseal EPDM rubber boots.

Flexseal applications. Aquaponics reservoir and water systems Hydroponics reservoir and water systems Koi pond filter systems Koi quarantine tanks Fish pond filtration Aquariums with external filters Reef aquarium systems Rainwater collection systems Connecting IBC containers Connecting blue barrels Connecting water barrels Yacht and motorboat chandlery House filtration systems Plumbing systems Drainage systems And moreWe use cookies to provide the best experience to you on our website.

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Download english chinese-simplified chinese-traditional croatian danish dutch finnish french-canada french-france german hungarian italian norwegian polish portuguese romanian russian spanish-latin-america spanish-spain swedish turkish. Add to Package Update Package english chinese-simplified chinese-traditional croatian danish dutch finnish french-canada french-france german hungarian italian norwegian polish portuguese romanian russian spanish-latin-america spanish-spain swedish turkish.The simple design of the S—Flex Endurance coupling ensures ease of assembly and reliable performance.

No special tools are needed for installation or removal.

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The S—Flex Endurance couplings can be used in a wide variety of applications. The S—Flex Endurance coupling design is comprised of three parts. Two flanges with internal teeth engage an elastomeric flexible sleeve with external teeth.

Each flange is attached to the respective shaft of the driver and driven and torque is transmitted across the flanges through the sleeve. Misalignment and torsional shock loads are absorbed by shear deflection in the sleeve. The shear characteristic of the S—Flex Endurance coupling is very well suited to absorb impact loads. The S—Flex Endurance coupling from Lovejoy offers combinations of flanges and sleeves which can be assembled to suit your specific application.

Thirteen sizes are available with torque capabilities that range from 60 in-lbs 6. The S—Flex flanges are offered in five models which are made from zinc die cast or cast iron. The flexible coupling sleeve minimizes the radial loads imposed on equipment bearings, a problem commonly associated with parallel misalignment. AXIAL : The S—Flex Endurance couplings can be used in applications which require a limited amount of shaft end-float without transferring thrust loads to equipment bearings.

EPDM has good resistance to commonly used chemicals and is generally not affected by dirt or moisture. Color is black. NEOPRENE — Neoprene provides very good performance characteristics for most applications and offers a very good resistance to chemical and oil conditions.

Color is black with a green dot.

Hoses, Couplings, Ducting and Seals

It offers excellent resistance to chemical and oil conditions. Color is orange. This website or its third-party tools use cookies. If you want to know more or to change your cookie settings on your computer or device, please see our cookie policy. By closing this banner, or continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies. X Cookie Policy. Min Bore. Max Bore. Temperature Range. Misalignment Capabilities.Skip to main content Rubber Couplings.

In Stock. Add to cart. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. I love these couplings. Not only they were half the price of the ones from the HarDware store, they seem better quality overall. The clamps are great, allow good tightening without skipping a tooth.

Good product, works exactly as expected. Leak free and easy to install.

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Be sure you review code to insure you are getting the correct coupling. If you are connecting to cast iron pipes you may need a coupling with a metal wrap. For anybody curious, when fully loosened, the inside diameter for the 1. Which I believe is way too large for a nominal 1.

I was barely able to snug it down to a true 1. I was using this for a dust port on a miter saw.

epdm coupling

Maybe I am just unaware that nominal sizes run large in the plumbing industry, but I would have expected the coupling to be able to be made a quarter inch smaller for this product. Meaning that the 1. Otherwise this appears to be a quality coupling. The rubber walls are a beefy I used this specialty coupling when replacing a basement shower drain. The 2" steel drain pipe had broken with the male end still threaded into the 2" FIP socket.

This little guy saved the day - or more precisely, saved a massive concrete cutting job to remove enough slab to find the next serviceable fitting. After sanding the remaining concrete from the steel socket, this Fernco piece attached easily used a little silicone spray for lubrication around the outside diameter of the socket.

The other end of the coupling attached to my new shower drain conveniently a 2" PVC socket. Leveled the drain, tightened up the clamps, packed the fitting in concrete - now my basement shower project is back on track.

See All Buying Options. Flexible Coupling 2". This is a part that I thought would be useful - before I even knew it existed.

Rubber Couplings

When I went to the home store and described what I wanted, they said "Unfortunately nothing like that exists. It is of a very good quality and seems to be going to last for many years. In stock. Not much else to say, a simple and functional item. Works as described, no complaints. Only 2 left in stock more on the way.

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Fernco Inc. P 3-Inch Stock Coupling. Couplings are nice and thick and are very well made.

epdm coupling

There are no stops in the inside to hinder them from being slipped on, like some others have for measurement ease.No one can offer greater security or variety in meeting your rubber bellows needs. Review the rubber elastomer expansion joint models below to choose the optimal design for your application, or contact our highly trained staff for assistance. The Ultraspool premium expansion joints are the most versatile rubber spool expansion joint available.

They come in diameters from 1" to ", and can be made with any elastomer material or any other special requirements.

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The Ultraspool Double expansion joints are the standard two arch version of our Ultraspool, which allows additional movement. The Ultraspool Triple expansion joints are the standard three arch version of our Ultraspool, which allows maximum movement.

The Flextra spool expansion joints are an excellent value alternative. They are molded and have a wide arch for good movements, and iron retaining rings. Available in butyl and EPDM. From 2" to 24" diameters. The T Spool expansion joint is a molded arched rubber spool expansion joint for moderate pressures and movements.

From 1" to 14" diameters. The Tefspool expansion joint is a rubber spool with an integral PTFE liner, giving it the strength and pressure rating of a rubber expansion joint, and the chemical resistance of PTFE.

Low spring rates and built in control rods are easy on the pipe and flanges. The Ultrasphere is an economical rubber expansion joint, often connected to pumps and equipment to provide for movement and absorb vibration.

The freely rotating metal flanges and tapped holes allow for easy installation. Multiple materials are kept in stock.

762.0mm pipe coupling - Orbit Couplings Australia

The Ultrasphere with Cables is a variation of the Ultrasphere with built-in control cables. This eliminates the need for separate control units that must be installed in the field, adding security.

Rubber Expansion Joints

The Ultrasphere Twin is a variation of the Ultrasphere that allows more movement. The Ultrasphere Twin with Cables is a variation of the Ultrasphere with more movement and built-in control cables. The Ultrasphere Twin Threaded provides for a way to connect a rubber expansion joint to smaller piping systems using threaded connections.

They come standard with cables to prevent overextension. The Rubber Reducers are spool expansion joints connect unequal size pipes. Standard designs in any elastomer are available from 2" to 18".

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